Initial Conditions

I (ie Alex Lang) am a physics PhD currently doing my postdoctorate research at the Salk Institute in San Diego. I work on a variety of research topics such as physics, computational neuroscience, machine learning and theoretical biophysics. As an outsider, that probably looks like a jumble of topics, but I swear, there is a theme! In my research, I apply techniques (both conceptual and mathematical) from statistical physics to a variety of problems. Statistical physics is the domain of physics that applies to large systems (number of “particles” N when N \gg 1). In many ways large systems are simpler than small systems, so taking the extremely large system size limit (N \to \infty) often brings useful insights into a problem. So the blog name is inspired from statistical physics, my broad interests, and of course, Buzz Lightyear.

The blog will focus on research topics of interest to me and hopefully others. I will also blog about research in general, what academia is like, and other science-like things (including science-fiction!).

I will focus on occasional, but detailed posts. My personal goal for 2016 is 25 posts of substance, so one every two weeks. I’m hoping the journal club we are starting up at the Salk will provide plenty of material, more details on that soon.

If you are interested in following, I personally enjoy Feedly as a RSS Reader. Or you can sign up for email alerts (see sidebar) or follow me on Twitter @n2infty.